Launch complete!

I am happy to share that my book, Checkmate, has now been released in the Indian subcontinent!

I would love to know what you think of it…

Book launch!

Thank you for coming by this page. I am pleased to share that the launch-date for my first novel is almost here!

In these unprecedented times, my publisher and I are taking a digital approach to the launch via the following:

  • Title and cover reveal and eBook posts on social media
  • An author bio and a column in a mainstream publication
  • A launch of the eBook and Audible editions for the Indian subcontinent (June 1st)

The paperback launch for the Indian subcontinent is targeted for June 29th, and I hope to share the news of a worldwide launch in the coming weeks and months!

The Art of Nonfiction

On several mornings of April 2019, I hit the play button on my Audible app and backed out of my driveway. What was I listening to? The Art of Nonfiction by Ayn Rand.

Based on a series of her lectures, this book covers the key structural and thematic aspects of a good article. As I turned onto the Stone Mountain highway, a nugget of her wisdom hit my ears. As I passed an exit, I learned about how to separate the creative and editing steps.

As I walked into office that week, fresh from listening to this book, my mind was conditioned to be articulate and to the point. A perfect start to my day.