Launch complete!

I am happy to share that my book, Checkmate, has now been released in the Indian subcontinent!

I would love to know what you think of it…

Book launch!

Thank you for coming by this page. I am pleased to share that the launch-date for my first novel is almost here!

In these unprecedented times, my publisher and I are taking a digital approach to the launch via the following:

  • Title and cover reveal and eBook posts on social media
  • An author bio and a column in a mainstream publication
  • A launch of the eBook and Audible editions for the Indian subcontinent (June 1st)

The paperback launch for the Indian subcontinent is targeted for June 29th, and I hope to share the news of a worldwide launch in the coming weeks and months!

The holidays…

The December holidays are finally upon me. 15 days to spend with family. 15 days to rest and recuperate. And 15 days to plan for the next year…

Yes, a priceless facet of the Christmas holidays is that it grants me the chance to immerse myself in writing day after day. I plan to build my marketing platform in anticipation of my book launch, review a draft of my second book and build the storyline for my third book.

So I wish you not only a joyful holiday season but also a productive one. This is a precious time of the year, a time during which you can step back to appreciate what went well and identify what you would like to do in the coming year. Enjoy this opportunity to reflect, and all the best for 2020!