Launch complete!

I am happy to share that my book, Checkmate, has now been released in the Indian subcontinent!

I would love to know what you think of it…

Book launch!

Thank you for coming by this page. I am pleased to share that the launch-date for my first novel is almost here!

In these unprecedented times, my publisher and I are taking a digital approach to the launch via the following:

  • Title and cover reveal and eBook posts on social media
  • An author bio and a column in a mainstream publication
  • A launch of the eBook and Audible editions for the Indian subcontinent (June 1st)

The paperback launch for the Indian subcontinent is targeted for June 29th, and I hope to share the news of a worldwide launch in the coming weeks and months!

The perfect move

My hands are clasped below my chin. My eyes rest on a board of squares.
The Black knight sweeps in imaginary arcs. I extend a finger to position him near White’s castle. “Check,” I say and my opponent sighs.

Whispers and murmurs pass through the crowd.

The 14-year-old boy opposite me tips his king.

I extend my hand for a shake, then walk away. Our only connection, the last four hours spent locked in battle.


A monumental effort

In 1913, an English man named Harold Murray completed an extraordinary undertaking. He published the mammoth ‘A History of Chess.’ Tracing the growth of the game through the centuries, across languages and continents, Murray created what is regarded by many as the most comprehensive overview of the origin of chess.

Yet, not everything is known…

When this thick book arrived at my doorstep on a winter afternoon, I carried it off to my study.

The thought that occurred to me that day has never left me…